Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

  • Mac Blu-ray Ripper + Mac Blu-ray 3D Ripper + Mac DVD ripper.
  • Convert Blu-ray 3D/2D movies to MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, MKV files with 3D/2D effects.
  • Convert BD/DVD to MOV, MP4, M4V…for editing in iMovie, Final Cut Express/Pro.
  • Convert dowmloaded MKV, MP4, MOV movies to any video format.
  • Convert 4K and 1080p Blu-ray movie to the iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, iTunes, QuickTime player, Android tablet and smartphones, etc.
  • Convert/rip/shrink/copy the latest releases of Blu-ray movies.
  • Select audio tracks and subtitles in different languages.


Blu ray Ripper for Mac is handy Blu ray software for Mac to help Mac OS users easily rip Blu-ray on Mac to video, as well as rip DVD to video, to hard disk or portable media players to watch Blu-ray movies on computer or any portable media player. The excellent performance of this Mac Blu-ray Ripper in decrypting the latest Blu-ray MKB level discs and AACS and BD+ protection Blu-ray discs makes it the best ever.

This Blu ray Ripper Mac is an integrated utility that is mainly used to rip Blu-ray on Mac to video in different HD and common video formats like M2TS, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MOV, MKV, RMVB, etc. to edit Blu-ray video with the video editing features and rip Bluray Mac for various media players and mobile devices like iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod, iPad, iPad 2, PSP, PS3, Apple TV, Android Mobile, Xbox 360, Blackberry, etc.

Besides the ability to rip Blu ray Mac, convert DVD to video and video editing, another amazing advantage of this Blu ray software for Mac is the advanced 2D to 3D conversion to enable users to freely enjoy 3D movies on the go. Additional highlighted user-friendly features: built-in player for preview, output profile customization, batch conversion, merge into one file, etc. Blu ray Ripper Mac is the best Blu ray ripper for Mac for you to rip Blu ray Mac.

Key Features

Wide Support for Video Files and Devices

Multiple Blu-ray and DVD source options as input:

Blu ray Ripper for Mac provides flexible ways to input Blu-ray and DVD videos: from Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder, DVD disc, DVD folder. With this Mac Blu ray Ripper, you can input various Blu-ray and DVD to rip Bluray Mac or DVD to videos. 

Rich output format options:

Blu ray Ripper for Mac generates output files in HD video, common video, popular audio and useful image formats likeM2TS, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, DPG, DV, MKA, AAC, AC3, MP3 up to 1080p HD resolution JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.This Mac Blu ray Ripper especially acts as a Blu ray to MKV Mac converter to output HD videos for various devices.

Playable on various media devices:

As the best Mac Blu ray Ripper, this Blu ray Ripper for Mac ensures a high-quality and convenient Blu-ray and DVD playback even on the go on devices like iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone4, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Wii and DS, Mobile Phones, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc. With this Mac Blu ray Ripper, you can freely watch Blu-ray on various devices as you like.

Excellent Performance to Rip Blu ray on Mac

Latest MKB decryption applicable and BD+ supported:

This Blu ray Ripper Mac supports to decrypt Blu-ray disc with the latest MKB protection including AACS and BD+ Blu-ray disc. With this Blu ray Ripper Mac, you can rip Blu ray Mac in any protection to videos.

Commercial CCS-DVD protection decrypt:

Blu ray Ripper for Mac also enables you to decrypt, rip and convert commercial CSS-DVD to various video, audio and image file formats. You can freely rip Bluray Mac or rip DVD on Mac to remove the commercial protections.

Advanced Video Editing and Output Profile Customization Features

Advanced video editing features:

Blu ray Ripper Mac comes with very handy video editing features such as trim video for a specific duration instead of the whole clip, crop video for a proper size (LxW), adjust video brightness, contrast and saturation for better output effect, watermark video with customized text and image for branding or copy-right protecting.

Output profile customizations available for professionals:

To meet professional needs, Blu-ray Ripper for Mac provides output profile customization features for users to customize output file parameters, including: bit rate, quality, codec, frame rate, sample rate, aspect ratio, video size and channel, etc.

Fairly Fast 2D to 3D Conversion

Advanced NVIDIA CUDA accelerating tech for fast processing:

This Mac Blu ray Ripper adopts the latest NVIDIA CUDA acceleration tech which shifts the working load from computer to graphic card to guarantee a much faster Blu-ray conversion process.

Popular 2D to 3D conversion available:

Blu-ray Ripper for Mac also comes with the popular feature to convert 2D to 3D for users to enjoy the popular 3D movie enjoyment on the go. You can not only do Blu ray rip Mac, but enjoy 3D movies with this Blu ray converter for Mac.

Other Awesome User-friendly Features

Batch-convert mode for energy and time saving
Multi-thread process for fast conversion
Built-in player for video preview
Screenshot capture to snap video images
User-friendly preference settings


Input File Format

3D Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray Folder, BD ISO Image File

DVDs, DVD Folder, DVD IFO File,DVD ISO Image File

Output File Format Support

HD Video

ASF, AVI, WMA, DPG, DV, VOB, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP, RMVB, 3G2, TS, DAT, AMR, WMV, MKV up to 1080p HD resolution







Output Device Support

Apple products: Apple TV 3, iPad , the New iPad, iPod, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch 4, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4
Game consoles and media players: PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, WD TV Media player, Seagate Media Player
Android tablet PC/smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Evo 4G, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant/Epic 4G/Fascinate/Mesmerize...), Amazon Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet
General MP4 players:PSP, Archos, Creative Zen, iRiver, etc.
Windows Phone 7 phones: Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, LG Quantum, HTC HD 7.
Other popular cell phones: Nokia N8/C7/E7, Blackberry, etc.