Before you can sync music and movies to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, you need to add your music, video, and other items to create your iTunes library. The latest iTunes 11 promises a simpler interface for interacting with your media library and iOS devices, though it is awfully different, from many of the user interface choices right down to the brand new icon, which now even more strongly resembles that of the Mac App Store. This article is a good workraound that can help new users, as well as the regular users who has not get accustomed to the iTunes 11, to create and organize a big video library that severs as a central hub for syncing and streaming media around the house.

After you add content to iTunes, you can organize it, watch and listen to it, add it to mobile devices, share it with other people, burn CDs, and more. There are several ways to add music and video to iTunes 11:

  • Import music and video that are already on your computer
  • Import songs and podcasts from the Internet
  • Import audio from CDs
  • Transfer movies from Digital Copies
  • Import movies from DVDs (and Blu-rays)
  • Download music, video, and more from the iTunes Store
  • Download music and video from iCloud

Add items (music, video, photos) from your computer to your iTunes 11 library

Do either of the following: Drag a file or folder from the desktop to the iTunes window.

If you add a folder, all the files it contains are added to your library. In iTunes, choose File > Add to Library, locate a file or folder, and click Open.

Note: Not all kinds of music and video are compatible with iTunes 11, you may need to convert some music/videos before you can add them to iTunes library. Get a Video Converter here.

Download a song from a website into iTunes 11

1. When you find an audio file you want on a website, click the file to download it to your computer.

2. Open iTunes and drag the file to the iTunes window.

Import songs from CDs into your iTunes 11 library

1. Insert an audio CD into your computer’s CD or DVD drive.

2. To import all songs on the CD, click Yes in the window that appears. iTunes starts importing the CD.

3. When the list of songs appears in the iTunes window, click to remove the checkmark next to any songs you don’t want to import.

4. To add the selected songs to your library, click Import CD.

5. Select your import settings and click OK. Any songs that iTunes imports before you cancel importing are added to your iTunes library.

6. When the songs are finished importing, click the Eject button to the right of the CD in the Library pop-up menu.

Tip:  You can also import a song by dragging it to the iTunes window.

Transfer movie from Digital Copy to iTunes 11

Most of the movies you buy on DVD and Blu-ray now include bonus iTunes Digital Copy discs, so you can import an iTunes-compatible version of the movie to your Mac or PC. Then watch it on your computer, iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. To add your Digital Copy to iTunes 11:

1. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive. If it has iTunes Digital Copy, the iTunes will open up the page for you to redeem your digital copy.

2. Input the serial number from the DVD in the box and click the “Redeem” button.

3. When the dialog box asking for it appears, enter your Apple ID and password.

4. Go to the Downloads selection in the Store list to track the download process. Once it’s finished downloading, you can open the video from the “Movies” selection in the Library list.

5. When the movie is finished importing, click the Eject button to eject the digital copy disc.

Import movies from DVDs (and Blu-rays) to iTunes 11

Your purchased DVDs and Blu-rays are protected and not allowed to copy to hard drive. To add DVD/Blu-ray movies to iTunes 11, you have to rip the movie to MP4 video:

1. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive. For Blu-ray ripping, you need a BD drive to load the disc.

2. Get a DVD ripper program like  Blu-ray/DVD Ripper.

3. Launch the DVD/Blu-ray ripper on your computer. Press Load button to import movie.

4. Set a format, usually MP4, for ripping movie to. There’re presets for iPad, iPhone, iPod that work with iTunes too.

5. Press Convert button to start ripping DVD/Blu-ray to free video.

6. Drag and drop converted MP4 video to iTunes library.

Tip: In this way you can also clip and extract background music of the movie as MP3 songs that fit in iTunes.

Download music, video, and more from the iTunes Store

Items you buy, rent, or download free from the iTunes Store are added instantly to your iTunes library. You can also set up automatic downloading so that items you download from the store are downloaded to all your computers and devices, not just the one you used to get the items. To download items from the iTunes Store, you need an Apple ID and internet connection.

Download music and video from iCloud to iTunes 11

1. In iTunes, choose Edit > Preferences, and click Store.

2. Below Automatic Downloads, select the types of content (Music, Apps, and Books) you want to download automatically.

3. When you make a purchase on another device or computer, the purchased item downloads to your computer automatically the next time you open iTunes, or when you choose Store > Check for Available Downloads.