Not long ago google released the Nexus 7 tablet which runs Android 4.1 system, and it only costs $199 for 8GB version, it will be a great competitor to Amazon Kindle Fire, and it is one of the best tablets for you to take and watch movies on the go.

Can you play WMV on Google Nexus 7 tablet? Does Google Nexus 7 support WMV movies? It is a hot question after you got the Google Nexus 7. The Google Nexus 7 tablet features a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1.2-megapixel front camera, NFC and 1280 x 800, IPS-based LCD screen, so it is really good for you to watch movie films on Google Nexus 7 when you on the journey. But, maybe you have movies in various formats, and lots of formats usually are not supported by Google Nexus 7. Can Google Nexus 7 play WMV format? From Google Nexus tablet official website we could know that WMV videos are not well supported by Google Nexus tablet, WMV format have different codecs, so you may encounter many problems when you import WMV to Nexus 7.

How do I play WMV on Google Nexus tablet? The best way is to convert WMV to Google Nexus 7 tablet supported format, such as H.264 MP4, and you need a Google Nexus 7 tablet WMV converter to assist you to convert your videos. Below is a tutorial for you, you will know the most effective WMV to Google Nexus 7 converter, as well as steps to convert WMV to Google Nexus 7 tablet for watching.

1. Download Google Nexus 7 tablet video converter (or video converter for Mac), run this excellent software. It is recommended to download Video Converter Profile Patch which supports latest devices, like Nexus 7. This software is really an all in one converter which supports load and output rich format, such as MOV, AVI, MTS, MKV, FLV, etc.

Galaxy S3 MOV Converter

2. Add videos to Google Nexus 7 tablet WMV converter, click format bar to choose the best format for output, you are recommended to choose Android -> Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (*.mp4). This format is a common format which is best for Android portable devices. You can also choose other formats you need, such as HD video, etc.


3. If you would like change the output video’s parameters, you can click settings button in the main interface of the video converter for Google Nexus 7. You can modify the resolution, bitrate as you want.


4. Edit function is very simple and useful, you are able to trim, crop, add watermark or change the effect to the video clips.

5. Click convert button to begin the WMV to Google Nexus 7 tablet conversion.

This Google Nexus 7 WMV converter will help you convert WMV to Google Nexus 7 for playing with few steps, it can convert many formats to your portable devices. Now just download and have a try. Hope this article can help you.