Nook HD’ height resolution let us experience HD. Nook HD+ 1920*1280 pixel HD resolution, nor was Nook HD, with 1440*900 pixel resolution. Both of them can bring you a new visual experience. Can’t wait to put and watch HD movies on Nook HD? Don’t worry. You need a bit more background before you watch movies on Nook HD. what the most important thing is that what video format can play on Nook HD? Below is the Nook HD support video and audio formats list (HD and HD+).

Nook HD Audio format (Nook HD+ Audio format):

.3GP, .3G2, .MP4, .AMR, .MP3, .MID, .XMF, .MXMF, .RTTL, .OTA, .IMY, .FLV, .SWF, .WAV, .OGG, .ACC

Nook HD Video format (Nook HD+ Video format):

.3GP, .MP4, .3G2, .FLV

Normally we would choose MP4 as playback format. MP4 were widely used in audio and video files. All apple and Android devices support MP4 playback.

It is obvious that MKV/M4V (iTunes video format)/AVI/MOV/WMV/DVD/Blu-ray etc. are not included.

How to play these formats on Nook HD? Let me give you some suggestions.

Suggestion One: Nook HD Format solution

For playing MKV/M4V/AVI/MOV/WMV etc. formats on Nook HD/HD+, you need to convert theme to Nook HD MP4. You can use Video Format to Nook HD Converter to do this.

Suggestion Two: Nook HD DRM solution

For watching DRMed iTunes and Amazon movies on Nook HD, you have to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes/Amazon movies to Nook HD supported format-MP4. Media Converter can help you.

Suggestion Three: Nook HD DVD solution

How to watch DVD on Nook HD? You can use DVD to Nook HD Converter to convert DVD to Nook HD for watching, just with simple three steps.

Suggestion Four: Nook HD Blu-ray solution

You may be troubled by Blu-ray’s format and it can take a lot of memory. Here, you can convert and compress Blu-ray to Nook HD via Blu-ray to Nook HD Converter for more enjoyment.

Suggestion Five: Nook HD music solution

Playing music on Nook HD is so cool, but Nook HD can’t play all formats music. Such as Nook HD can’t play M4A song. How to play iTunes music on Nook HD? Media Converter is a professional Music to Nook HD Converter. With it, you can play iTunes and Amazon DRMed music on Nook HD for free.

Mp4 is the best video format for Nook HD  and  HD+. Mp3 is the best audio format for Nook HD. Now, you can enjoy movies and music on Nook HD/HD+ freely. Thanks for reading this guide. Enjoy yourself.