“How to download iTunes movies to Kindle Fire HD? My Kindle Fire HD can’t play iTunes files. Why? Please help.” DRM technologies attempt to give control to the seller of digital content or devices after it has been given to a consumer. So you can’t copy the content or playing it on Kindle Fire HD. Want to paly iTunes music on Kindle Fire HD? You can read this guide: How to transfer music from iTunes to kindle Fire HD?


All iTunes movie files were protected by DRM. Many people like watching movies on tablet. Unfortunately, Kindle Fire HD can’t play iTunes videos. If i want to watch iTunes movies on Kindle Fire HD, what should we do? How can transfer iTunes movie to Kindle Fire HD?

Before transfer iTunes movies to Kindle Fire HD, we have to convert iTunes file to Kindle Fire HD first. Media Converter is the best iTunes DRM removal software for Kindle Fire HD. We can call it as iTunes to Kindle Fire HD converter. How to use it? Please follow below simple guide.

Step 1: Free download and trial this iTunes to Kindle Fire HD converter.

Step 2: Add the iTunes files which you want to convert. Click “Add…” then find out the movie file.

Step 3: Choose best video format for Kindle Fire HD

Click drop-down menu under “Video file to…”, choose “Common Video> MP4 Video(AVC)”.


Step 4: Settings

Click “Settings…” button to define the detailed settings for video/audio files.

Tip: Kindle Fire 7-inch resolution is 1,280×800-pixel, 8.9-inch resolution is 1,920×1,200-pixel.


Step 5: Start iTunes to Kindle Fire HD conversion

Click “Start”, then the iTunes movies to Kindle Fire HD conversion is beginning.

Step 6: Transfer iTunes to Kindle Fire HD

After conversion, find the converted video files. Then transfer them to Kindle Fire HD.

You can play iTunes on Kindle Fire HD for free.

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