Edit Blur-ay in Vegas Pro 17 with MPEG-2 codec

“I’m looking for ways to convert some of my DVD and Blu-Ray discs to Vegas Pro 17. So, first to rip them and then convert. A quick search online gave me some softwares (~$50-100) for conversion- they all look the same. Not sure how to rip – I can use Handbreak for DVDs but not Blu-Rays. I wonder if someone has an experience here and can suggest the best workflow. Thanks a lot! – Wakahata, Mitsuhiro”

“I have to convert one of my Blu-ray movies into compatible format for Vegas Pro 17 on Windows 10, I need to use some content of the Blu-ray in Vegas Pro 17. Can you tell me which software can help me to convert Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17 supported videoformat? What’s the best format for Vegas Pro 17 editing? Any suggestion will be appreciated. – Cox, Brandon”

Blu-ray movies are popular due to its high-definition video quality, many people buy Blu-ray movies to watch them on Smart TVs, we can get better visual enjoyment. Besides playing Blu-ray movies on Smart TVs or portable devices, some Blu-ray users also have the need to convert Blu-ray movies, or edit Blu-ray with Vegas Pro 17 in order to use some video materials.

As an ideal video editing tool, Vegas Pro 17 is widely used by video professionals and hobbyists. Sometimes, you may want to import Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17/16/15 to edit the footage. However, Blu-ray video does not natively work within Vegas Pro 17. To fix this issue, Blu-ray video fiels must be ripped off the disc and then converted to MPEG-2 codec which is the best supported video format by Vegas Pro 17. Nowadays there are seldom Blu-ray applications developed for Windows users, not to mention a program that can rip Blu-ray to MPEG-2 codec for Vegas Pro 17 editing. However, Acrok recommended Video Covnerter Ultimate can help you. With it, y ou can fast rip/convert Blu-ray movies to MPEG-2 for Vegas Pro 17 without quality loss in a fast speed on Windows 10. For Mac OS X users, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac can o the conversion job easily. Now download this program and follow the guide below to complete you task.

Download Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17 Converter

Free Download Acrok Video Converter UltimateFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Step-by-step Guide to Rip/Convert Blu-ray to MPEG-2 Codec for Vegas Pro 17

Step 1. Download the best Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17 converter Mac version or Windows version from our website, install the software on your computer. Just double click the icon to run it, you will see this program’s main interface.

Step 2. To use this Blu-ray to MPEG-2 converter is so easy, even if you have not used any Blu-ray, DVD and 4K video converting tool, you can get your videos converted with just few clicks. After launching the software, please click load disc button to import your Blu-ray movies.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate - Best Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17 Converter

Step 3. After loading the Blu-ray, please click format column to choose MPEG-2 codec for output for Vegas Pro 17. This Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17 converter has rich output formats, you can choose anyone according to your need.

Convert Blu-ray to MPEG-2 for editing in Vegas Pro 17

Step 4. If you want to adjust the output settings, please click settings button on the interface, and then adjust the resolution, bitrate, etc.

Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17 Converter-settings

Step 5. The last step is to click convert button to start the Blu-ray to MPEG-2 for Vegas Pro 17 conversion. Please wait some time, this Blu-ray to Vegas Pro 17 converter will rip/convert Blu-ray movies at fast speed and top video/audio quality, when the conversion process finished, you can get your files and import to Vegas Pro 17 for editing without any problems.


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